How & why?

I’ve been tearing interesting articles out of newspapers and magazines for over twenty years. And for over twenty years I’ve regularly lost them or put them somewhere I can’t find them. So eventually I had an idea. Why not re-write these articles to highlight key points and connections and then archive them online where they would be easy for me to find? Better still, why not create a website so that other people could find them too?

The result is a website for people that are interested in thinking about now and next. Why is this valuable? Because I do the hard work for you. I present you with my edited selection of what I think are the most interesting new trends, innovations and ideas and comment on where they’ve come from and where they may lead. You can then spend your time thinking about where any future opportunities and risks might lie.

One frequently asked question is “how do I use the report?” The answer depends on where you want to go and how fast you want to get there. You can just read the report and let the information flow into your head. One day, probably when you least expect it, it will pour out. This can make you useful in meetings and fascinating at dinner parties.

Alternatively, you can be more proactive. What’s Next has a high readership amongst individuals in areas like strategic planning, risk management, research & development and innovation because the content can be used as a disruptive input into these business processes. But if that sounds a bit dull, don’t be put off. What’s Next is no ordinary business report. It’s a treasure trove of strategic provocations. A smart and irreverent guide to the future that’s read by people who are hugely curious about what is and what could be.